The 9 Famous Red Light Area in India

By admin Jul 2, 2021

The nine red light areas in India are as follows: Kolkata, Goa, Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, Pune, Hyderabad, Chennai, Kerala, Chennai suburbs. If you are a working woman and you have to travel a lot in your country, you must know what a red light area is all about. This will help you come out of the purgatory called prostitution which is prevalent in the Indian cities.

prostitution has been like a disease that is increasing in all the cities in India. It is more prevalent in the slums of the major cities. The prostitution rackets can rape, exploit and rape anyone at anytime. They take the women for false promises of a better life that they will not be able to afford. Thus a victim of prostitution can be made to suffer in silence.

There is no law that prohibits the sex workers from being forced into prostitution. But these workers cannot escape this vice by working at another place. So the government has failed to tackle this problem effectively. There is nothing more pathetic than a person who has to work for years but cannot get a decent life. These nine red light areas in India have become the symbol of prostitution.

There have been various campaigns and awareness programs being conducted in the cities to reduce this menace. However the results have been very disappointing. I know a group of workers who were once subjected to such degrading treatment. After going through the records, I was shocked to see that most of them had been subjected to such treatment. I wondered how this could have happened in a progressive country like India.

There are many reasons that can explain the rise in the incidence of prostitution in big cities. The major one is the increasing poverty level in the major cities in India. The people living in the slums have limited knowledge about jobs and earning opportunities. They depend mostly on prostitution to earn their daily bread.

The other reason for this menace is the violation of sex wages in the cities. Since a large number of people live in the slums, they are not aware of the laws relating to wages. They are simply working for a pay check and are not given proper wages. This situation has created an opportunity for the pimps to prey on the vulnerable.

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